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One of St Lucia’s Most Desirable Resort Destinations

Stonefield Estate Resort is one of St. Lucia’s most beautiful boutique resort properties. This special property bears the distinction of having captured the imagination of the island’s earliest known inhabitants, the Arawaks. These Amerindian people, as early as 350 A.D. were so impressed by the verdant tropical landscape and its auspicious positioning near the imposing Petit Piton that they recorded their impressions on a stone tablet which can still be seen at Stonefield Estate today.

Stonefield Estate Resort’s appeal has only increased over time. In fact this coveted patch of earth has continued to inspire many, including those who seek the muse or those who rest a while to absorb its moving serenity.

Elegant spacious accommodations with pools ensconced in a lush tropical hillside afford visitors a chance to relax, luxuriate and rejuvenate. Stonefield Estate Resort continues a 1600-year old reputation as one of the most desirable destinations for the discerning Caribbean traveler.

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