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posted by: Stonefield Villa Resort on: September 18, 2017
st lucia green eco

With its lush green nature trails, clean, fresh air, crystal clear waters and precious mountain peaks, it’s no real surprise that the people of St Lucia value the glorious natural assets of the island they are lucky enough to call home.
Which is precisely why the tourism industry is honing in on an eco-friendly style of business that’s sure to benefit locals, visitors and the entire planet.
Here are five quick tips on how to make your stay in St Lucia gloriously green…
1. Dive Green
Dive Saint Lucia in Rodney Bay is a purpose-built dive school designed to meet international green standards and aspirations to become the world's first Platinum LEED certified dive facility.
2. Glide Green
Experience the island on an environmentally friendly Segway X2 on the St Lucia Segway Nature Trail Experience. Glide the scenic nature trail up beautiful Mount Pimard and enjoy breathtaking views of St Lucia’s dramatic west coast. Gently glide up the extensive nature trail system created on an old US WWII military base.
3. Bird Green
Located in the heart of the rainforest, the Millet Bird Sanctuary Trail is an absolute must for birdwatchers. Its gorgeous two-mile loop trail encompasses a habitat that supports over 30 species of birds. This is the best place to see the island’s five endemic species – including the St Lucia parrots – which are protected by national law and are subject to conservation measures. The mountain ridge climbs to 1,000 feet above sea level to look down upon the flight path of the parrots.
4. Yacht Green
At IGY Rodney Bay Marina, garbage recycling has been introduced in an ambitious scheme to green-up the island's largest yachting hub. The company also involves the public in local clean-up campaigns in the busiest tourist areas.
5. Eat Green
St Lucia is also home to community-based initiatives like organic farms and school gardens, farmers' markets and local craft co-operatives that are promoting the important cottage industry economy to the tourism sector.
Cradled in the lush rainforest of St Lucia’s west coast, Stonefield Villa Resort is the perfect place to relax on your green vacation. Built in harmony with St Lucia’s natural surroundings, Stonefield offers a unique eco-resort experience that features private, semi-outdoor villas, world-class dining and a full-service spa.