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posted by: Stonefield Villa Resort on: November 15, 2017
st lucia winter escape

Tired of the rain and snow? Dark skies getting you down? Then plan an escape to St Lucia this winter.
There really is no better feeling than disembarking a plane in a hot destination in the middle of the winter months. So forget the snow boots and parker jacket – pack your flip flops and sunglasses and make your way to St Lucia. Here are three of our favourite ways to escape the winter blues in St Lucia…
1. Fly through the Rainforest
Santa’s not the only one who gets to fly this winter. While they’re all shivering in the snow back at home, you can take a refreshing ride on a zip line through enormous tropical trees. At Rain Forest Sky Rides in Chassin, first of all you get to glide gently upward along the mountain slopes in an open-air gondola. Then the pace shifts as you zip down through the blazing tropical colours of the rainforest canopy.
2. Swap Egg Nog for Rum
Join a Country Life and Distillery Tour for an amazing nature trek and learn about some of the traditional medicinal uses of the local vegetation. At the end of the trek you get to visit Mam’s Kitchen to experience traditional St Lucia cuisine. Then you move on the island’s only rum distillery in the Valley of Roseau before heading to Marigot Bay to relax with a rum punch in a stylish pier-side eatery.
3. Sample some Tropical Wonder
Few attractions capture the word “tropical” as well as the Diamond Falls and Botanical Gardens. So forget about mistletoe and gaze upon exotic birds-of-paradise instead. A relaxed stroll through the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens to the picturesque waterfall – which is arguably one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Caribbean - is the stuff of tropical fantasies.
Cradled in the lush rainforest of St Lucia’s west coast, Stonefield Villa Resort invites you to immerse yourself in one of the most sublimely beautiful settings in the world. Built in harmony with its natural surroundings, Stonefield offers a unique eco-resort experience that features private, semi-outdoor villas, world-class dining and a full-service spa.