EnBas Saut

Schedule: Wednesday & Friday
Departure time: 8:00 a.m.

The excursion starts with a twenty minutes drive through the old French town of Soufriere and the community of Fond St. Jaques to the rainforest. The 1.6 mile circular trail lasts about three hours and is moderate to strenuous.

The trail is covered with dense foliage and the first half descends 600 feet to the waterfall where we stop for a refreshing swim. Afterwards we proceed to the second half of the trail, where we get the best chance to see the endemic St. Lucia Parrot and other bird species.

The next part of the hike is challenging but rewards you with stunning beauty as it ends, where you are surrounded by exotic tropical flowers, fruits trees, and breathtaking views of mountain ranges, the island’s tallest peak – Mont Gimmie – and the Atlantic Ocean.

Complementary drinks will be served after the hike. We finally stop for a Local Creole Lunch in Soufriere before returning to the Resort.

Tour Includes: Transportation, entrance fee, tour guide drinks and lunch