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Planning & Booking

Q: How do I book?

A: The easiest and most secure way to book your stay at StonefieldResort is to book directly with us using our online booking system .Or if you prefer to chat with our front desk staff to reserve your villa, please contact us toll-free at 1-800-420-5731.

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Q: Do you have any packages deals or special offers?

A: Yes, we frequently have new packages and promotions to offer. Please see our special offers page to learn more.

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Q: How does Stonefield compare to other resorts in the Pitons area?

A: Unlike other local resorts, Stonefield is not a beach resort. Rather, we are located on a lush, secluded hillside with incredible views. Therefore, we offer a greater sense of privacy and serenity than many beachfront properties. Additionally, our focus at Stonefield is on wellness and relaxation, meaning that the atmosphere here is peaceful and low-key and we don’t feature much in the way of ‘nightlife’. In terms of rates, we believe strongly that Stonefield offers the area’s best value for upscale resort accommodations when compared with other nearby properties.

Q: What is your Cancellation policy?

A: Cancellations may be made at no charge anytime up until 30 days prior to the date of arrival. A cancellation fee of 2 nights will be charged for cancellations or change of dates made less than 30 days (but more than 7 days) prior to the date of arrival. Cancellations are not permitted within 7 days of the date of arrival—such cancellations or ‘no-shows’ will be charged the full amount of the booking.

CHRISTMAS SEASON POLICY: For cancellations made less than 60 days (but more than 7 days) prior to arrival during the Christmas/New Year Season (December 23 – January 4) 50% of the total accommodation payment is forfeited plus the initial deposit.

Q: How can I pay for my hotel reservations?

A: Our online booking system accepts payment from Visa MasterCard and American Express. If you would like to inquire about alternate payment methods, please contact us.

Q: Can you accommodate children?

A: Since Stonefield is an adults-only resort, all guests must be 17 years and older. If you are looking for a kid-friendly resort, we would be happy to suggest some alternatives, just give us call.

Q: What currency is best to bring to the resort?

A: All business at Stonefield Resort is carried out in USD.


Q: Is there air conditioning?

A: Yes, each of our villas is comfortably air conditioned

Q: Is there Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, there is Wi-Fi access in your villa and throughout the resort. However, the bandwidth may not be equal to what you’re used to at home, so we recommend it only for essential tasks such as checking email or sending texts.

Q: Are there only outdoor showers? What if it’s raining or cold?

A: Yes, every villa includes a private open air shower. The climate here is warm enough that outdoor showering is generally comfortable all year round in most conditions.

Q: Can I plug my North American devices into the power outlets?

A: Yes, we have both American (110 Volt) and UK (220 Volt) standard plug-ins. We also have adapters for our guests, just in case.

Q: What is included in the kitchen facilities for each villa?

A: Each villa is equipped with a kitchenette that includes a mini-fridge, coffeemaker, toaster, blender and electric kettle.

Q: Is smoking permitted in the villas?

A: No. The majority of Stonefield Resort, including the villas, is a smoke-free environment. There is, however, a small smoker’s lounge located outside Mango Tree Restaurant.

Q: Are there televisions in the villas?

A: No. In keeping with our mission of providing a rejuvenating escape into nature, our villas are not furnished with televisions. The majority of our guests appreciate this.

Q: Is the tap water in the villas safe to drink?

A: Yes, the tap water in every villa is filtered and safe to drink.

Q: Do you offer room service?

A: Yes, we offer room service with cuisine from Mango Tree Restaurant.

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Q: Do you offer Villa upgrades?

A: Yes, depending on availability, we can offer villa upgrades.

Q: Does the Villa have a phone?

A: We provide a personal mobile cell-phone for our guests to use for the duration of your stay. You can use it to connect to our resort from anywhere on the island to make dinner reservations, request transportation or inquire about activities. If you need to make a long-distance phone call, we also have a special calling package available.

Dining & Drinks

Q: Is Stonefield Resort ‘all inclusive’?

A: Stonefield is not an ‘all-inclusive’ resort; however your stay does include a complimentary daily breakfast and a number of other perks and services beyond your accommodation.

Q: Are any meals included with my stay?

A: We offer complimentary cooked-to-order or a la carte Breakfast, served daily at Mango Tree Restaurant from 7:30am to 11:30am

Q: Do you cater to vegetarians or vegans?

A: Yes, we offer a separate vegetarian menu with options suitable for vegans.

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Q: What are the Lunch and Dinner hours?

A: Mango Tree Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from 11:00am to 10:00pm

Q: Are reservations required for dining at Mango Tree Restaurant?

A: Reservations are recommended but not required. If you would like to make reservations before you arrive, please email or call us toll-free at 1-800-420-5731.

Q: Does the restaurant have a dress code?

A: There is no dress code at Mango Tree Restaurant.

Q: Do the menus change throughout the year?

A: Yes, since many of our ingredients are sourced locally, our menu offerings change seasonally and even daily to reflect the fresh ingredients that we have on hand.

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Q: Are your ingredients locally sourced?

A: Our Executive Chef sources as many ingredients as possible from local markets and from our onsite fruit and vegetable plots. It allows us to serve the freshest, most delicious cuisine while supporting the local community.

Q: Are able to cook fish that I catch myself?

A: We are happy to prepare your fresh catch however you like, as part of a gourmet meal served to you at Mango Tree Restaurant!.

Q: Can you accommodate special dietary requirements?

A: Yes, we are happy to accommodate your dietary needs or restrictions—simply let us know upon check-in and be sure to alert your server before ordering. If your dietary restrictions are of a more serious medical nature, please contact us in advance of your stay to confirm that we can safely accommodate them.

Activities & Entertainment

Q: Do you offer yoga classes or guided yoga sessions?

Q: Do I need to book activities in advance of my arrival?

A: Advance booking for activities is not required; however, we do recommend it to ensure availability and avoid disappointment.

Q: Are any activities are offered at the resort or are they all located off site?

A: To maintain a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, all activities take place outside of the resort.

Q: Is there live entertainment at the resort?

A: Yes, there is live entertainment at Mango Tree Restaurants on Tuesdays (live band) Thursdays (fire eating and limbo dancing) and Sundays (steel pan music).

Q: How do I rent a car?

A: You can rent a car at Hewanorra Airport or in the town of Soufrière. We would be happy to help arrange for a car rental in advance of your trip or after you arrive.

Spa & Wellness

Q: What sort of spa services do you offer?

A: We have a full-service onsite spa that offers massage, facials, manicures, pedicures and other soothing and rejuvenating treatments.

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Q: Do I need to make a reservation for spa treatments?

A: We do recommend making advance reservations for spa treatments. You can do so once you arrive, or you can use our spa inquiry form to book your treatments before you get here.

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Q: Do you offer spa packages or specials?

A: Yes, please see our spa packages page.

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Local Area

Q: Where exactly is your resort located?

A: We are located just outside the town of Soufrière on the west coast of St. Lucia overlooking the Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our resort is situated on a lush, forested hillside, affording spectacular views, but meaning that transportation to and from the resort property should generally be undertaken by car.

Q: Is there a beach within walking distance of Stonefield Resort?

A: There are some beaches within walking distance of the resort; however, they require traversing some fairly steep roads, so we don’t recommend visiting them on foot unless you have a high level of fitness and a willingness to break a serious sweat! Instead, we recommend catching one of our daily shuttles to Sugar Beach and other popular beaches.

Q: Are there any shops, restaurants or attractions within walking distance of the resort?

A: Yes, but they would require walking a considerable distance. Much as with the beaches, we recommend arranging for vehicle transportation if you’re venturing into town.

Q: How can I get around?

A: If you’re interested in exploring the island of St. Lucia, there are many ways to get around, whether it’s by bus, car rental, private taxi service or boat. We would be happy to arrange transportation for you, so please get in touch with us in advance of your stay to discuss your transportation needs.

Q: What language is spoken in St Lucia?

A: St. Lucia’s official language is English, but the prevailing language amongst the St. Lucian population is St. Lucian Creole French. Our resort staff are happy to communicate with you in English or French.

Travel & Transportation

Q: Do you offer a shuttle to and from the airport?

A: Yes, we provide transfers to and from Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) at the rate of $80 USD each way for 1 to 2 passengers (additional passengers are an additional $15). We also provide transfers to or from George Charles Airport (SLU) at a rate of $100 USD each way (additional passengers are an additional $20). Please contact us to arrange airport transportation in advance of your arrival.

Q: How long is the drive from the airport?

A: We are about a 45-minute drive (27km) from Hewanorra International Airport. It’s an incredibly scenic drive that follows the coastline of the Caribbean Sea; however, roads along this route are winding and winds are often heavy, so be prepared for a ride that’s more turbulent than you might be used to on North American roads.

Wedding & Honeymoons

Q: How do I plan my wedding at Stonefield and what’s included?

A: Weddings are a big part of our resort, so we encourage you to contact to talk with us about planning a wedding that suits your unique vision.Please see our wedding packages to learn more about what’s included with a wedding at Stonefield.

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Q: How long will we have to be on the island before our marriage?

A: St. Lucian law requires couples to be present on the island for 3 working days (not including the day of arrival) before the wedding.

Q: Will my wedding be legally recognized in my home state or county?

A: Yes, your St. Lucian marriage documents are legally binding and can be registered at your local courthouse.

Q: Is there a salon/hairstylist onsite?

A: Yes, we offer onsite bridal services including hairstyling and makeup.

Q: Can I purchase gifts for the couple?

A: Yes, we offer a gift registry that includes activities and adventures for the newlywed couple.

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Q: Can young children attend my wedding celebration?

A: Yes, anyone is welcome to attend your celebration. For overnight accommodations, however, we are an adults-only resort. If your guests require kid-friendly accommodations, we would be happy to suggest some alternatives, just give us call.

Q: Must all wedding guests stay at the resort?

A: We do not require wedding guests to stay at the resort—they are welcome to stay wherever they like!

Q: What is your maximum capacity for wedding guests?

A: We have a maximum capacity of 90 people for events at our restaurant facility and 45 people for celebrations in the Villas.

Q: Do you accommodate both civil and religious wedding ceremonies?

A: Yes, we welcome ceremonies from all traditions.

Q: Do you offer catering, photography or entertainment services for my wedding? Can I bring in my own vendors?

A: We are happy to arrange these services or, if you prefer, you are welcome to bring your own vendors.

Q: Do you offer catering, photography or entertainment services for my wedding? Can I bring in my own vendors?

A: We are happy to arrange these services or, if you prefer, you are welcome to bring your own vendors.

Q: What sort of documents do I need to bring with me in order to marry in St. Lucia?

A: You will need your passport, birth certificate and, if applicable, your divorce decree from any previous marriage.

Q: Do you offer any discounts for wedding party group bookings at the resort?

A: Yes. Please use our wedding inquiry form to inquire about group bookings.

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Q: Do I need to bring my own decorations?

A: We are more than happy to provide decorations or, if you prefer, you can bring your own decorations. Please contact us to learn more about the decoration options we have available.

Q: What does Stonefield offer for honeymoons?

A: Owing to the privacy and romantic atmosphere of our resort, Stonefield is extremely popular with honeymooners and we have much to offer newlywed couples. Please see our honeymoon packages to learn more.

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