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Caribbean Flavors: St. Lucia Cuisine

Oct 24, 2023

As you drive across St Lucia, it's hard to miss signs of the naturally delicious bounty that islanders enjoy all year long.

From the more than two dozen varieties of mangoes to the wild yams and watermelons, culinary inspiration can be found everywhere on the island—as well as offshore, where excellent fish and fresh seafood are abundant and available on a daily basis.
The result is a constantly evolving and dynamic culinary scene: a scene that’s modern and innovative and focusses upon organic and tropical ingredients sourced right in the 'bread basket' of St Lucia.
Whether it's a breakfast of saltfish and bakes from a street vendor, a lunch of spicily-seasoned octopus from an island beach shack, artistic mahi-mahi or an amazing dessert, every day is a culinary adventure in St Lucia.
This diverse and delicious culinary scene all began with the Amerindians who were drawn to Gros Piton and Petit Piton for their mystical protection. They were followed by generations of Africans who brought a variety of enchanting flavours with them. Then the French and British followed with their culinary customs and traditions. 
 Today’s St Lucia’s culinary scene boasts an eclectic mix of Asian, American, European, Indian and Caribbean flavours that are simply extraordinary.
And Stonefield Villa Resort’s award-winning Mango Tree Restaurant is no different. Showcasing a breathtaking farm-to-table—alongside equally breathtaking vistas of Petit Piton and the Caribbean Sea—dinging at Mango Tree is a St Lucia experience not to be missed.
Building upon the authentic St Lucian dishes from the recipe books of Stonefield Villa Resort owner, Anista Brown, the culinary team prides itself in creating a rotating menu of dishes that are rooted in local tradition, yet display all the elegance of modern, cutting-edge cuisine.
Check out the manager’s cocktail party on Tuesdays; the Creole cuisine on Wednesdays, ‘Island Grill Night’ on Thursdays; and tapas on Sundays.
If you’re looking for fresh flavours, you’re sure to find them at the Stonefield Villa Resort, a wellness resort that’s cradled in the lush rainforest of St Lucia’s west coast. Designed in harmony with its natural surroundings, Stonefield offers a unique eco-resort experience that features private, semi-outdoor villas, world-class dining and a full-service sp

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