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Signs of an Eco-Conscious Hotel Resort

Oct 28, 2023

We’re beginning to understand that we not longer have the luxury of just doing as we please, and hoping that everything works out. Everything we do has consequences. For the planet, this truth has been especially damaging. But the good news is that, thanks to greater information, we’re able to tailor our actions so that the impact on the natural world is kept to a minimum.

When it comes to traveling, this means staying at hotels who have environmental concerns at the heart of what they do. They should have “kind factors,” which show they care about more than just getting as many guests through the front door as they can. But what are some signs of an eco-conscious hotel resort? We take a look at three  examples below.
Why use foods that have been grown on the other side of the world, when the locally produced foods are tastier, better for the environment, and give the local economy a boost? Before booking a hotel, check where the ingredients they use in their menus have been sourced from.
There are plenty of things we can do to limit our carbon footprint. It’s just that some hotels choose not to do them! A hotel with a concern for the planet will have earth-friendly practices, such as avoiding the use of plastic straws and composting of organic waste.
Finally, look to see if the hotel gives back. It’s all good and well to say the right things, but they have to do things that are purely for the good of others.
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