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Why November is a Great Time to Visit St. Lucia

Oct 30, 2023

Take one look at images of St. Lucia, and you’ll know pretty quickly that it’s an island worthwhile visiting when you’ve got some vacation time. And one of the best things about the island is that it’s a year-round destination, which means you can visit whenever you feel like leaving the everyday behind and going on an adventure. Below, we’ll run through some reasons why November is an especially excellent time to pack your bags and take a flight to the Caribbean.


The temperatures might be getting cooler in North America, but the chill-effect hasn’t - and won’t - set in in St. Lucia. During November you can expect temperatures of around 25-30 degrees, an ideal climate for spending long days by the pool.
It’s true that St. Lucia gets some rainfall during November, but this is no bad thing. Indeed, when it arrives, you’ll be able to sit back and watch the water fall and feel the freshness of the air, knowing that it’ll soon to be followed by glorious sunshine.
We know that fall and winter in North America can be pretty bleak, especially in the more northern zones. So why not prepare yourself for a dark and cold winter by having one last period of sunshine? You’ll be able to top up your tan while everyone else is wishing for the return of spring and summer.
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