January 14 2019 Blog | Stonefield Villa Resort

The Benefits of A Winter Getaway


Most people choose to take their vacation during the summer months. Yet while there’s nothing wrong with this, it shouldn’t automatically be thought of as the wisest time of the year to set sail for a new destination. For starters, the sun is shining, and there are plenty of local events waiting to be enjoyed. If you usually head away during the summer, maybe it’s time to think about heading on vacation during the winter. We outline some of the benefits of taking a trip to St. Lucia when the weather back home is biting.

It might be enjoyable to sink into comfort foods and watching television series after television series during the winter, but it’s far from a lifestyle that’s good for your health. By taking a trip into sunny climates, you’ll naturally be more active, and you’ll also get the top of Vitamin D that you’ve been missing during the chilly months.
The lack of sunlight also does a number on our mental health too. There’s a reason why we have less energy (and optimism) during the winter months. By spending a week or more in a relaxed, sunny environment, you’ll feel the positivity that we all associate with the arrival of spring and summer.
It can be a bit monotonous, going to work in the dark and returning home in the dark. By spending a week in the sunshine, your mind will naturally move towards bigger ideas and thoughts. You’ll think big.
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