July 21 2018 Blog | Stonefield Villa Resort

St. Lucia at Forefront of Coral Reef Protection

As one of the best diving and snorkelling destinations in the world, St Lucia treasures its beautiful coral reefs.
That’s why St Lucia is one of five Caribbean islands that have been selected for the installation of an oceanographic buoy which is part of a network of Coral Reef Early Warning Systems for the Caribbean.
The system falls under a project being implemented by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center headquartered in Belize, that seeks to measure the effects of climate change on coral reefs.
The oceanographic buoy being erected off the coast of Soufriere is the third of its kind to be established in the waters of the Caribbean with two systems already erected in Antigua and St Kitts. Following the St Lucia installation, two others will be established in Grenada and St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Coral reefs in Caribbean waters have, in recent years, endured much bleaching and have been placed under stressors, which in some cases cause death to the reefs. The new system will help monitor these conditions and will help to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change on reef systems.
Beneath the St Lucia waves, there’s a whole world for divers and snorkellers to discover. The island has many incredible diving sites that boast breathtaking coral formations, fascinating shipwrecks and reefs teeming with tropical sea life.
The most accessible diving and snorkelling sites are situated along the calm west coast in Soufriere, Anse Cochon, Pigeon Island National Park, Rodney Bay and Marigot Bay.
First time divers and snorkelers will enjoy exploring the shallow reef at Anse Chastanet, where they can expect to see large trumpetfish and turtles.
For vibrant coral colours, check out the Fairyland site, where the strong currents keep the coral and sponges extremely clean. This is also a good place to meet a friendly turtle.
Alternatively, the Keyhole Pinnacles are a fantastic place to explore. Four impressive volcanic peaks rise up from the depths to within a few feet of the surface. They’re encrusted with black and orange Gorgonians and are home to trumpet and filefishes, as well as larger species such as grouper, jack and moray eels.
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