July 4 2018 Blog | Stonefield Villa Resort

St Lucia: A Whole New Perspective

Do you want to see one of the most beautiful islands on earth from a whole new perspective? Then check out these three unique ways to explore St Lucia…
1. Segway
For some incredible views of the island’s coastline, grab a Segway and Lucian style Experiences and glide effortlessly up Mount Pimard. A guide will be on hand to point out all of the amazing flora and fauna, as well as the bunkers used by the American military during the Second World War.  You’ll also see local fisherman in action at Rodney Bay and Pigeon Island and be served local fruit and juice on Mount Pimant.
2. Snuba
Snuba? What’s that? Snuba is a fantastic combination of scuba diving and snorkelling and you can try it out in St Lucia. You won’t be weighed down with heavy, restrictive dive gear and you don’t need to have any diving experience or certificates—but you will be able to breathe easily under the water. Snuba is the best way to go beyond snorkeling without the responsibility or commitment of a deep dive
3. Helicopter
Soar above lush landscapes and tropical rainforest and get a real bird’s eye view of the island on a helicopter tour. On a North Island tour you’ll see the Atlantic coastline, Castries, Pigeon Island, Rodney Bay Marina and Rat Island; while on a South Island tour you’ll see Castries, Marigot Bay, fishing villages, the Pitons, Soufriere Volcano and coral reefs.
If you’d like a new perspective in St Lucia, check out Stonefield Villa Resort. Created in harmony with its incredible natural surroundings, this gorgeous property offers a unique wellness program and eco-resort experience. Cradled in the lush rainforest of St Lucia’s west coast, it boasts one of the most sublimely beautiful settings in the world. Semi-outdoor villas, world-class dining and a full-service spa add to the unparalleled levels of luxury.

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