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Stonefield Villa Resort St. Lucia Reviews


At Stonefield Villa Resort, we work hard to be the best hotel in St. Lucia for each of our guests, making each stay with us an experience of a lifetime. We welcome any Stonefield Villa Resort reviews, and feedback about your stay with us. We want to share the Stonefield story with our guests – and hear their reviews of romantic honeymoons, relaxing getaways, or rejuvenating wellness journeys. Please read some of these stories below or send your own travel stories!






 Sending a big thank you to Stonefield Resort where I just hosted a successful retreat. The property is absolutely stunning and carefully designed to maximize the stunning views of the mountains and Caribbean ocean. We fell in love with the beauty and hospitality of the resort and the food was absolutely extraordinary. This is a brilliant venue to host a destination retreat and I can’t wait to return to paradise.  - Julie Zuzek




 Loved it! The setting was inspiring - it was clean, but appropriately simple. The food was good and the staff was excellent. So friendly and attentive. 




 I really loved how the resort was nestled into the hillside. I found it very comfortable and not at all pretentious. All the staff was welcoming and friendly. Amazing place for a yoga retreat. The views were unbelievably gorgeous... couldn't ask for better sunsets! 




 Easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited- simply gorgeous! Perfect retreat setting. 

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