April 23 2019 Blog | Stonefield Villa Resort

Why An Overseas Work trip Helps Your Business


There’s been a big increase in companies taking a small band of employees on an overseas adventure in recent years, and with good reason: they can have a big impact on the overall productivity and success the company. If you’re an entrepreneur, then why not think about taking your team on a trip to St. Lucia in the coming months? Below, we outline three ideas why this might just be the best business idea you’ve had all year. Oh, and let’s not forget that you’ll also be with them, which means a trip to the Caribbean for you, too….

You already know, or should know, the importance of investing in your staff. It costs a lot less to keep one productive employee happy, rather than go through the lengthy process of finding a new worker. One of the best investments you can make is to ensure they’re thrived in their work. And who couldn’t be thrived when they’re in St. Lucia?
Some ideas come from individual hard work, but many more come from collaboration. By whisking your team away, you’ll be creating an environment where they can get to know each other even better. Studies have shown that workers are much more productivity when they work with people they know and like. Perfect!
Finally, keep in mind that new surroundings can be inspiring, and often bring out new ideas. Travel to the Caribbean, and who knows what next-level idea you may return home with?
Inspired? Then make sure you’re taking your valued employees to the best hotel in St. Lucia. At the Stonefield Resort, you’ll find everything you need to have an inspiring corporate trip overseas. As well as luxury upscale accommodations and bags of amenities, you’ll also find conference and meeting spaces for when you want to get down to work.

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