Tours & Excursions in St. Lucia


When you stay in one of our unique, luxurious villas, which offer stunning views of the monumental Pitons and the surrounding lush rainforest, it’s certainly tempting to take in the fresh island air and just seclude yourself in absolute privacy and peace. If you’re not quite itching to trek the distance for the various attractions sprawled throughout the island, Stonefield makes it easy to plan tours and excursions that depart from our resort, and afford experiences as rejuvenating and relaxing as our wellness retreats!

Choose any of the tours below that interest you and either email or fill out our RFP form to book before you arrive! (PLEASE NOTE THAT DURING  A PANDEMIC SOME TOURS AND EXCURSIONS MAY NOT BE ACCESSIBLE. PLEASE CONTACT THE RESORT DIRECTLY TO INQUIRE)

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$110.00 per person (min. 4)/$220.00 per couple
This experience starts with a 20-minute drive through the town of Soufriere and to the island’s vast rain forest. The entire experience is 5 hours. Guests hike a circular moderate to strenuous trail (approx. 1.6 miles).
The trail is covered with dense foliage and the first half descends 600 feet to the waterfall where we stop for a refreshing swim. After wards we proceed to the second half of the trail which is best to see the endemic St. Lucia Parrot and other bird species. 
This part of the hike is challenging but rewards you as it ends surrounded by exotic tropical flowers, fruits trees and most rewardingly breathtaking views of mountain ranges and the island’s tallest peak– Mont Gimmie and the Atlantic Ocean.
Tour Includes: Transportation, entrance fee, tour guide drinks and lunch in Soufriere.


Monday – Sunday
DEPART: 2:00 PM - RETURN: 3:30 PM
$17.00 per person and $40.00 per couple
An exhilarating experience of a natural out-door bath and gardens at The Piton Waterfall. A cooling experience on a hot day!


Monday – Sunday
DEPARTS 8:30AM, RETURN 3:30PM (Depending on time it takes to get to base and your fitness level.)
$150.00 per person
Climb up the very challenging Petit Piton with an experienced guide. Enjoy the most overwhelming feeling and capture a spectacular view from one of the tallest points in St. Lucia.  
On a very clear day not only will you see the entire island, but you will also see the neighboring islands of Martinique to the North and St. Vincent to the South. This tour is ideal for hiking enthusiasts and physically fit individuals. Guests climb at their own risk, there are precarious spots on the climb. 
Difficulty Rating 9/10


Monday – Sunday
(Depending on time it takes to get to base and your fitness level.)
$216.00 per couple
(Guide requires a minimum to 2 people to do the hike. You may join another group if you are alone)
Managed by the descendants of the freedom-fighters, in the village of Fond Gens Libre a qualified guide will meet you to begin a moderate but challenging climb around the mountain. On this hike, you will encounter rare birds and wildlife. The second half of the trail is a steep ascent to the summit, where you will take in the breathtaking ocean views and the village of Choiseul to the East. 
Difficulty Rating 8/10


Monday -Sunday
$39.00 per person $77.00 per couple
The views from the Tet Paul Scenic Trail have been described as absolutely heavenly. From the majestic Pitons to the far away islands of Martinique and St. Vincent, you can see it all from points along the trail. 
The gorgeous southern side of St. Lucia including Jalousie Bay is easily visible along the way. You also view stunning communities and villages including Fond Gens Libre, Choiseul, Maria Island, and Vieux Fort. During your hike you walk through an organic vegetable garden that your train guide educates you on healing fruits, vegetables and herbs.
Be sure to touch the top of the piton or your trip to St. Lucia will not be complete.
Highly recommended and a MUST! The Tet Paul Nature Trail sets itself apart as a site which offers visitors a myriad of stunning and memorable experiences. The hike is rated easy to moderate and is between 40 – 45 minutes long. 


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Departs: 1:30 pm - Returns 4:30pm
$83.00 per person/ $165.00 per couple
This experience includes the Tet Paul Nature Trail hike, followed by a visit to Morne Coubaril Estate where history comes alive as plantation workers demonstrate the lifestyle of the island’s first settlers. 
You see, learn, and sample how crops such as coconut is processed into copra and cocoa beans into chocolate sticks. The tour continues to Marathana Gardens, a prayer sanctuary and small garden just a few minutes north of Soufriere town.


Monday – Friday
Departs 8:15am - Returns 2:00pm
$130.00 per person, $260.00 per couple 
Experience the exhilaration of a world-class zip line in the Caribbean. Zipping through the treetops in the middle of the island’s rainforest delivers a rush that would leave even Tarzan breathless. Trained guides take you on the ride of your life on a course designed for maximum thrill and exposure to the best views of the rainforest.
The tour takes you through twelve (12) zip lines extends up to 800 ft between platforms and reaching up to 150 ft above the forest floor, the islands longest and highest.


Monday – Saturday
$110.00 per person/$220.00 per couple
Travel by boat along the island’s west coast where you experience stunning views of the island and its towns and villages. 
In Castries you visit the city market for local souvenirs and then to a dutyfree shopping plaza where you’ll find world famous brands at bargain prices and a selection of local boutiques.


Monday – Friday
DEPART: 9: 30AM - RETURN: 5:00PM
$144.00 per person/ $288.00 per couple (includes transfers and entrance fees. Lunch cost not included)
Begin a full day journey from Soufriere, driving past the fishing villages of Anse – La Raye and   Canaries, making a brief stop at the “Plas Cassav” for a local treat prepared by the descendants of the Arawaks. 
Your next stop is at Roseau Village to do the ‘Rhythm of Rum Tour’ which offers a fantastic journey through the history of rum, complete with a distillery tour and tastings, some of which are internationally recognized and award winning. In Castries, browse our lively city market for local souvenirs and an array of fresh fruit and vegetables.
You will then move on to Pointe – Seraphine Duty Free Complex and browse the international jewelry stores and local boutiques. The other half of the day will be spent at the historical and beautiful Pigeon Island Park & Museum, once the scene of the1782 battle of the Saints where Admiral Rodney defeated the French. Choice of a light lunch at the “Captain’s Cellar” converted from an old ruin, afterwards tour the island and prepare for the scenic drive back to Soufriere.
Remember to bring along your airline tickets. (For duty free shopping) 


Depart: 5:30 am - Returns 10:00am.
$110.00 per person/$220.00 per couple
This tour has an early start as the birds are best seen early in the morning. The walk to through the rainforest is about one hour and a half long as we enjoy the lively atmosphere of birds.
Tour price is inclusive of Transportation, Light breakfast, all fees and the guide.
*This tour is not recommended for persons with knee problems, heart and breathing problems, if you are pregnant, under eight years of age, or have any medical concerns. Please wear comfortable footwear and insect repellant as a precaution.  


Monday - Sunday
Depart: 9:30AM - Returns (Approx.): 11:30AM.
$65.00 per person/$130.00 per couple
Truly the “Soufriere Experience”, two of the island’s natural attractions. Begin the day with a visit to the world’s only drive-in volcano. On arrival you will be given a guided tour of bubbling pools of lava and craters, then continue onto the beautiful tropical botanical gardens where you will enjoy a scenic walk to the diamond waterfall and mineral baths.
Tour price includes transfers to the park and garden, entrance fees and baths. Refunds are not, provided for facilities that are not used at the tour sites


Mondays and Thursdays
Depart: 8:30 am -Returns: 4:30pm.
$171.50 per person/$310.00 per couple
Come explore St. Lucia in a day. The trip starts with a drive up the west coast through the villages of Canaries and Anse La Raye.
Your first stop will be at the Anse La Raye bay where you can spend time exploring the village. The tour continues to the Marigot bay viewing point and then to the Castries market where you will get the opportunity to see the local lifestyle , fresh fruits and vegetables and much more, then off to Pigeon Island for a tour of the park. The tour then continues to the south of the island where you will view the second highest light house in the world, Moule-A-Clique. There you will view the south of the island.
The fish tail shape of St. Lucia and the neighboring island of St. Vincent can also be seen from there. We then drive to the island’s western coast and we stop at the Art & Craft market where pottery and weaving 
products are locally made. There after we make our way back to the resort.
Inclusive of lunch


Tuesday & Friday
Depart 4:00PM till Sunset. 
$85.00 per person (shared)/$550.00 for a private cruise for a couple.
Enjoy the breathtaking Caribbean sunset as you sail along the coast of Soufriere.  View the Pitons, the Caribbean Sea and the quaint setting of Soufriere town.
Savor the moment while snacking on hors d’oeuvres and sipping on unlimited Champagne, Piton Beer and Rum punch. Taxi pick-up – Reception at 3:45pm.


Monday –  Friday
Between 9am– 3pm (2-3 hours)
$75.00 per person/$150.00 per couple 
Snorkel at The Pinnacles (a reef shaped like the Pitons) and Trou Diable; two excellent snorkel points in the Soufriere Marine Management Area. After snorkeling, relax on a quiet beach.
Minimum 2 persons


Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Depart: 9:00 AM - Return 11:30 AM. Minimum 2 persons 
$85.00 per person/$410.00 per couple
The most popular spots for Whale and Dolphin watching are a few miles off Soufriere. Join us on our sightings off of the famous Piton Mountains (world heritage site) and near the village of Canaries. Whales and Dolphins spend most of their lives under water, therefore we cannot guarantee sightings on every tour. Inclusive of drinks and sandwiches.       


Departs: 9:45am– 3:30pm
$193.00 per person/$385.00 per couple
  • Drive your self around the south of the island
  • Feel the tropical breeze
  • Lunch and drinks
  • Spectacular Views
  • Fun and adventure
See the entire South coast of St. Lucia as you make your way through Vieux Fort, the southernmost town and home of the international airport. A short drive up the east coast past the village of Micoud, one left turn when you get to Dennery, and you're at the Tree Top Adventure Park, home of the 12 longest, highest and fastest zip lines on the island. After a wild ride through the treetops and a quick drink its off again. Enjoy an authentic St Lucian lunch while marveling at the view of Dennery and the Atlantic Ocean from the Mandelie View Point. After lunch, head back to Soufriere along the coast then return to your Resort.
Driver/ Passenger requirements:
-  Minimum age 25 years (driver)
-  Must present a valid driver’s license (driver)
-  Must have experience driving manual transmission
-  Minimum age 6 years, (passenger)
-  Maximum weight 300lbs (passenger)




Monday – Sundays: Any time before 4:00pm


$190.00 per couple/$95.00 per person 

The all new Soufriere Hotwire features spectacular views of St. Lucia famous Pitons and the Historical town of Soufriere. Eight (8) zip cables move you effortlessly through the estate where you can take your own air-borne photo of the piton and town. Participant should wear shorts or trousers and top that can be tucked in at the waist; shirts and dresses are not advisable. sneakers are recommended.




Mondays – Fridays
Morning - 8:30 am - Return 12 pm; Afternoon: 2:00 pm - Return 5:30 pm 
An exciting ATV tour that takes you on a journey through a network of exciting trails that begin in the mountains south of Soufriere, in the community of Balca, Saltibus. The 2 1/2-hour tour starts off on a working farm and takes you through an old plantation, devils bridge, lush green valleys, 2 beautiful secluded black sand beaches where you are free to swim, relax and have refreshments. It explores many of the "off the beaten trails" not normally seen by visitors to St.Lucia. Guests sample different types of fruit grown on the estate and at the Devil's Bridge you have the option to hike down to the river and follow the amazing gorge that has been carved out by the water. The trails chosen is based on client levels; beginners, intermediate and also advanced riders. 
All bikes are equipped with 4WD as some sections of the trail and river crossings can be challenging, which makes it even more fun. Clients must go through an orientation to determine if they can safely operate the ATV before the tour departs. Decision to embark on the tour will occur after the guide is confident that participants can safely manage the ATV. All safety gear provided must be worn at all times. All bikes should be riding at a safe speed, following the guide at all times. The tour is not suitable for pregnant women and persons who suffer from back, neck and spine problems. Persons who have never operated motorized vehicles should let the tour guide know upon arrival. We can provide extra training / instructions if you have never rode an ATV before. A waiver must be signed by all participants before the tour.
Must be 16 years +, Dress Code: shorts, t-shirt, running shoes and swimwear. 


9:00am– 1:00pm
$134.00 per person (shared)/$660.00 per couple for a private experience
Join the captain aboard a well equipped sport fishing vessel to venture onto the open Caribbean Sea in search of Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and Dorado. This tour includes all equipment and beverages. For the laid- back fishing enthusiast we offer with transfers included. 

To book any of these tours and excursions, fill out the RFP below!


Tour & Excursion RFP







There are no refund for unfinished tours. There are also no refunds for not spotting birds or whale on the tour


Should any tour be cancelled by the resort or the service provider because of bad weather, mechanical defect or any other circumstance, a full refund will be made, and this will constitute the limit of liability on the part of Stonefield Villa Resort.


Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to tour departure will result in 50% of the tour price.


Stonefield Villa Resort hereby gives notice that all arrangements for transport, conveyance, or carriage by boat, taxi or any other vehicle during their tours are made upon the condition that they may not be held liable by any person participating in same for injury, loss, damage, sickness, accident, delay or irregularity occasioned by reason of any defect in any vehicle, boat, or through the act servant or agent or any other person engaged in conveying the tour or otherwise in connection therewith nor for loss, injury delay, sickness or damage occasioned by such person or their property during their stay in any hotel, apartment, guest house or boat howsoever occasioned.
The right is reserved to withdraw, with or without notice, any tour announced in this program and to make alterations in itineraries as may be found desirable for the convenience of the parties and proper carrying out of the tour. The right is also reserved to decline or accept or retain any person as a member of any party at any time. Baggage is owner’s responsibility at all times.
Stonefield Villa Resort hereby further declares and gives notice that: Any carrier (whether by land or sea), hotels, restaurant or any person or companies (hereinafter the Suppliers) providing services hereunder are independent contractors engaged by Stonefield Villa Resort to provide certain services for your benefit or convenience. There exists no relationship of Master and Servant or Agency between Stonefield Villa Resort and the Suppliers. The Suppliers solely are responsible for their acts and omissions and Stonefield Villa Resort assumes no responsibility for such acts and omissions.
As a consequence of the above, the user of the service provided by the Suppliers ACKNOWLEDGES and ACCEPTS the relationship between Stonefield Villa Resort and the Suppliers above described and in consideration of Stonefield Estate Resort 
arranging for the service to be provided by the Supplier, the user HEREBY RELEASES AND DISCHARGES Stonefield Estate Resort from any claims, demands, actions and/ or any preceding now or hereafter to become manifest in respect of loss and damage suffered by the user in the use of such services. 

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