July 22 2019 Blog | Stonefield Villa Resort

Enjoying the Finer Things in Life


We’re told by society to keep on wanting more and more, but if you look at research studies conducted into what makes us happiest, it’s effectively true that it’s all the old things, the things we’ve been doing for thousands of years. The happiness doesn’t lie in a new Mercedes Benz (though that won’t make you unhappy…), but human connection, slowing down and all-around enjoying the simple pleasures of life on earth. Which is good news if you’re planning to visit St. Lucia anytime soon because, on this incredible Caribbean island, you’ll find plenty of finer things! We take a look at a few below.

When we’re young, food is just one of those things that we need to keep on moving -- but sooner or later, something clicks, and we understand that food is so much more. In the Caribbean, you’ll find plenty of delicious, fresh meals -- especially fish -- that’ll make you thankful to be walking on this fine earth.


You will probably have sensed that life moves pretty quickly these days. It feels like before we even realize where we are, we’re moving on to the next thing! But what do we miss, just because we’re in a rush? All the good things. On the Caribbean, the pace of life is slooowwww and relaxing. You’ll love it.


Finally, there’s the matter of spending time with our loved ones. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy; it’s the stuff that life is built on. On St. Lucia, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy others company.

You can bring all of these aspects into one incredible vacation by booking a stay at the best hotel in St. Lucia. At the Stonefield Villa Resort, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy the best of life, including a private pool and terrace, which are perfect for those long days and evenings spent with your loved ones. 

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