March 14 2019 Blog | Stonefield Villa Resort

How to Plan A Stunning Overseas Wedding


There are certain days in a person’s life that will forever stand out from the rest. The day of a great achievement, the birth of a child, and the day they marry the love of their life. While the circumstances surrounding those first two are generally out of the person’s hands, the latter -- the wedding day -- is very much something within their control. And what better way to walk into married life than by tying the knot in a stunning overseas destination? Below, we take a look at three ways you can make it everything you ever dreamed your wedding day could be.


Not all destinations are created equal, and some can lure you into a false sense of what it’ll be like. A city like London or Paris might sound romantic, but these are bustling cities, full of chaos. Instead, it’s better to look to naturally beautiful landscapes, where it’s just you and your partner, your guests, and one of the world’s most beautiful views.
Planning any wedding requires time, and that’s true for an overseas wedding. While you’ll be able to manage everything with the help of the resort, you’ll want to give as much notice as possible to your guests, who will need to make arrangements to reach the destination from wherever they’re based.
The great thing about getting married somewhere beautiful is that you don’t need to jet off on your honeymoon as soon as you’re married -- you can stay right where you are, and enjoy all it offers knowing that the big day has gone off just as you planned.
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