Living The Good Life in St. Lucia This January


Let’s be real for a moment: there’s never a bad time to visit St. Lucia. When the weather is so fine and life is so good, there’s not much that could make a person say no to spending a week enjoying all that it has to offer! One of the best times is in the post-Christmas period. This is when the highs of the big day have passed, and when the gloom of January is beginning to creep up on the horizon. When you’re in St. Lucia, you’ll carry on living the good life. Below, we take a look at some of the highlights visitors have to look forward to if they’re visiting after December 25.

Going to be on the island in the first few days of 2019? Then you’ll be able to enjoy the multi-day celebrations that kick off the new year. Expect to see street fairs, music, and a festive atmosphere.
Food and rum: does it get any better than that? We don’t think so. The Saint Lucia Food and Rum Festival will be taking place from January 12 - 14. During then you’ll find, well, plenty of delicious rum and food to enjoy. There’ll also be the first annual Caribbean Rum Awards, which promises to be a tasty affair.
Those two events will be full of party and life, but don’t forget that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to relax by yourself, too.
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