October 14 2019 Blog | Stonefield Villa Resort

Celebrate The Festival of Lights and Renewal in St. Lucia


Celebrate St. Lucia’s Festival of Lights this December 13th! St. Lucia’s National Day is also known as the Feast of Saint Luce, the Patron Saint of Light. Just as Christmas lights, Hannukah candles, and Diwali candles light up the darkness of winter in other countries around the world, so does St. Lucia’s Festival of Lights. This festival celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and the renewal of life.

The beginning of the festival is marked by an amazing lantern competition, and the celebration culminates with St. Lucia Day on December 13th. On the eve of St. Lucia Day (December 12th), you can check out the Parade of Lanterns out in the streets around the island and the Christmas show at the Derek Walcott Square. The night will end with a dazzling fireworks display that is sure to light up the night and warm up your soul.

The Feast of Saint Luce is a Christian feast day that celebrates the eponymous saint. She brought food and aid to Christians hiding in the catacombs, finding her way to them with a candle-lit wreath, while leaving her hands free to carry as much food as possible. As this feast coincided with the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, this holiday became known as a festival of light within the darkness. This festival is celebrated in many other countries around the world, but St. Lucia, bearing the name of the Saint in the story, puts a special Carribean twist on the festivities.

Don’t miss your chance to celebrate the iconic Festival of Lights on St. Lucia this winter! Our comfortable rooms and amazing amenities, including an onsite spa and restaurant, will ensure you make memories to last a lifetime. Just as a candle or lantern light up a dark cold night, we hope that our island and our Stonefield Villa Resort will be a bright spot to your winter season.

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