October 23 2018 Blog | Stonefield Villa Resort

Three Reasons Why Visiting St. Lucia At Christmas Is A Great Idea


OK, Christmas in North America might be sold as the most magical time of year, but is this really the case, always? We don’t think so. While there’s definitely a time place for the snow and Christmas lights, we’re not sure it has to happen every year. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to: with St. Lucia just a flight away, you can pack your bags and say goodbye to the holiday madness for a year. Here’s why you should do it.

There’s something to be said for getting wrapped up warm and braving the cold weather...but it gets old pretty quickly. By taking a trip to St. Lucia, you’ll be saying goodbye to the chill and hello to fine, fine temperatures. As soon as you arrive and feel the warmth, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.
Christmas is all invasive, to the point where you can’t escape it! There are Christmas songs, lights, images of Santa Claus everywhere. It’s a bit intense, after a while. By retreating to the Caribbean, you’ll only need to listen to those festive songs if you really feel like it.
Christmas is meant to be relaxing, but it rarely turns out that way - because we’re constantly worrying that everyone’s having a good time or not, or you’re rushing around to see everyone. By taking a trip, you’ll be pleasing yourself for once!
What better place to enjoy your Christmas detox than the best hotel in St. Lucia? At the Stonefield Villa Resort, you’ll feel like it’s, well, Christmas Day! Our hotel has everything you need to have a one of a kind, unique trip to the Caribbean, including villas with their own private plunge pool, fantastic views, and sumptuous weather.

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