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Stonefield Resort Spa Treatments


Stonefield Villa Resort is St. Lucia’s leading luxury spa resort, with a full range of spa treatments that will meet all your needs for relaxation and rejuvenation. Wake up in paradise in one of our 17 private villas, browse our Spa menu for information on treatments, and contact our guest services staff or request your appointment online to book your treatment today.


Our Escape Spa is a tropical oasis, staffed with specialists offering massage, manicures and pedicures, facials, salon services, and more.

Select from our wide selection of spa treatments below!


Indulge, relax, and leave the Escape Spa glowing and ready to explore all around St. Lucia!


*Treatment rates are per person, and do not include 15% Tax

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For more information on our full range of spa treatments, take a look through our Escape Spa Brochure!

Escape Signature Products


Our wellness-focused spa treatments are designed to help our guests unwind to a complete state of paradise. That’s why our in-house spa products are made from the highest-quality locally-sourced fruit purees and plant extracts, as well as essential oils.


Phytomer Facials


Phytomer is our exclusive French line of skin care products, made with natural marine ingredients and sodium-reduced seawater to optimize cell renewal while soothing and replenishing your skin, leaving you rehydrated and radiant.


*Treatment rates are per person, and do not include 15% Tax


Spa Brochure


Body Wraps & Polishes

Just arrived? To achieve the perfect tan we highly recommend one of our skin balancing polishes before you go sunbathing. These invigorating treatments will prepare your skin to achieve the perfect sun-kissed look.
*Treatment rates are per person, and do not include 15% Tax


Nail Care

Pamper your nails with a relaxing and beautifying nail treatment.
*Treatment rates are per person, and do not include 15% Tax




Our professional massage therapists are experts in a variety of massage styles and techniques, both traditional and modern.


What to expect from a massage treatment


The following can sometimes occur during a massage. They are normal responses to relaxation:


 Movement or change of position

 Sighing, yawning or changes in breathing

 Stomach gurgling

 Emotional feelings or expressions


 Movements of intestinal gas

 Energy shifts



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