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St. Lucia Island features majestic natural beauty, stunning beaches, timeless tranquility, and a rich culture and history. Make your stay at Stonefield Villa Resort unforgettable with visits to attractions, dining, adventure, and excursions. With whale-watching, mountain hikes, snorkeling, and shopping, your island vacation can’t get any better – and that’s not to mention the weather in St. Lucia is unbeatable!

Stonefield makes planning your St. Lucian adventure easy by offering a wide variety of tours and excursions departing from our resort. Simply choose the tours that interest you and email to book before you arrive.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Manager Recommendation

Begin a full day journey from Soufriere, driving past the fishing villages of Anse – La Raye and Canaries, making a brief stop at the “Plas Cassav” for a local treat prepared by the descendants of the Arawaks. Your next stop is at Roseau Village to do the ‘Rhythm of Rum Tour’ which offers a fantastic journey through the history of St Lucia rums, complete with a distillery tour and tastings, some of which are internationally recognized and award winning.

In Castries, browse our lively and old fashioned market for locally made handicraft and take in the array of fresh fruit and vegetables. You will then move on to Pointe – Seraphine Duty Free Complex and browse the international jewelry stores and local boutiques.

The other half of the day, will be spent at the historical and beautiful Pigeon Island Park & Museum, once the scene of the 1782 battle of the Saints where Admiral Rodney defeated the French.

Remember to bring along your airline tickets.

Romantic Southern Experience

This tour takes you to the southern coast of the island, and offers you the opportunity to visit the old working plantation at Fond Doux Estate, where you will be enticed with buffet style lunch. The tour continues to the Balenbouche Estate. Located between Laborie and Choiseul, it is a place of great beauty and tranquility.

After visiting these estates you then drive to the Carib communities and then visit some romantic and private beaches, as well as beaches that offer kite and wind surfing.

You can choose to indulge in the company of each other at the private beach or chose to move on to visit Moule-A- Chique where you get to view the most breathtaking view of the south.

Shopping in St. Lucia

Local craft trade is thriving in the town of Soufriere and there are several small boutiques and roadside vendors from whom the perfect souvenir can be purchased, whether it is local jewelry, batik fabric, carvings and paintings by local artists or postcards. For duty free shopping, Marigot Bay, Pointe Seraphine and Place Carenage in Castries have excellent selections. Water and land taxi services to these northern hubs are easy enough to organize through the resort.

Petit Piton Climb

Experience the very challenging Petit Piton climb accompanied by an experienced guide, where you will enjoy the spectacular view from one of the tallest points in all of St. Lucia.

On a clear day not only will you see the entire island of St. Lucia, but you will also see the neighboring islands of Martinique to the North and St. Vincent to the South.

This tour is ideal and a must-do for hiking enthusiasts

N.B. Guests climb at their own risk. Difficulty Rating 9/10

St. Lucia Sport Fishing

Join the captain aboard a well-equipped sport fishing vessel to venture onto the open Caribbean Sea in search of Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, and Dorado. This St Lucia Sport Fishing tour includes all equipment and beverages. Transfers are included.


Available upon request. Please inquire at the front desk.


Available every Tuesday 9am-1pm

Water Taxi to Castries

Make your way to the capital by water taxi, the most exciting way to travel. Browse around the center of the town and visit the Castries market for locally made handicrafts. For duty-free shopping, visit La Place Carenage in the Castries harbor or Pointe-Seraphine Duty-free Complex across the harbor, where you’ll find world-famous brands at bargain prices and a selection of local boutiques.

Gros Piton Climb

Managed by the descendants of the freedom-fighters, in the village of Fond Gens Libre a qualified guide will meet you to begin a moderate climb around the mountain. On this hike, you will encounter rare birds and wildlife. The second half of the trail is a steep ascent to the summit, where you will take in the breathtaking ocean views and village of Chosieul to the East.

Minimum 2 persons required.

N.B. Difficulty Rating 8/10

St. Lucia Snorkeling Excursion

Snorkel at The Pinnacles (a reef shaped like the Pitons) and Trou Diable, two excellent snorkel points in the Soufriere Marine Management Area. After snorkelling, relax on a quiet beach.

Minimum 2 persons


Like any Caribbean destination, one of St. Lucia’s biggest attractions is our sun-soaked beaches complete with crystal-blue waters, lush palm trees and incredible views. While there is no beach at Stonefield Resort, there are a number of nearby beaches (all accessible by daily shuttle service from our resort) including Sugar Beach (formerly known as Jalousie Beach) and Malgretoute Bay.

Canopy Adventure in Dennery

Experience the exhilaration of a world-class zip line in St Lucia. Zipping through the treetops in the middle of the tropical rainforest delivers a rush that would leave even Tarzan breathless.

Trained guides take you on the ride of your life on a course designed for maximum thrill and exposure to the best views of the rainforest.

The tour takes you through twelve (12) zip lines extends up to 800 ft between platforms and reaching up to 150 ft above the forest floor, the islands longest and highest.

St. Lucia Island Tour

Explore St Lucia in a day! Starting with a drive up the west coast through the villages of Canaries and Anse La Raye, your first stop will be at the Anse La Raye bay where you can enjoy shopping and learning the village history.

The tour continues to the Marigot bay viewing point and then to the Castries market. The next stop is the Dennery viewing point and then continues to the Mamiku gardens, a place rich in history and well known for beautiful orchids. After a tour of the botanical gardens, refreshments will be served.

Our next stop at the La Tille Waterfall provides the opportunity to have a refreshing swim. The tour then continues to the south of the island where you will view the second highest light house in the world, Moule-A-Chique. There you will view the south of the island. The fish tail shape of St. Lucia and the neighboring island of St. Vincent can also be seen from there.

We then drive to the island’s western coast and we stop at the Art & Craft market where pottery and weaving products are locally made. There after we make our way back to the resort.

Minimum 4 persons

Marigot Bay

Described by novelist James A. Michener as “the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean”, Marigot Bay is not only beautiful, but also historic. It was the site of a number of epic battles between the French and British in the 18th and 19th centuries. It has also been used as a setting for several movies including the original Doctor Dolittle film.

The Pitons

The most photographed landmark in St. Lucia and perhaps the entire Carribbean is the strange and beautiful pair of volcanic mountains known as the Pitons. They are an iconic feature of the landscape here in the Soufriere area and make for an incredible view here at Stonefield Resort. Most people enjoy the Pitons simply with their eyes, but if you’re up for adventure you can climb one or both of these towering land masses with help from an experienced guide.

EnBas Saut

The excursion starts with a twenty-minute drive through the old French town of Soufriere and the community of Fond St. Jaques to the rainforest. The 1.6 mile circular trail lasts about three hours and is moderate to strenuous.

The trail is covered with dense foliage and the first half descends 600 feet to the waterfall where we stop for a refreshing swim. Afterwards we proceed to the second half of the trail, where we get the best chance to see the endemic St. Lucia Parrot and other bird species.

The next part of the hike is challenging but rewards you with stunning beauty as it ends, where you are surrounded by exotic tropical flowers, fruits trees, and breathtaking views of mountain ranges, the island’s tallest peak – Mont Gimmie – and the Atlantic Ocean.

Complementary drinks will be served after the hike. We finally stop for a Local Creole Lunch in Soufriere before returning to the Resort.

The tour includes transportation, entrance fee, tour guide drinks and lunch.

Soufriere Sunset Cruise

Enjoy the breathtaking Caribbean sunset as you sail along the coast of Soufriere. View the Pitons, the Caribbean Sea and the quaint setting of Soufriere town while on this stunning sunset cruise.

Savour the moment while snacking on hors d’oevres and sipping on unlimited Champagne, Piton Beer and Rum punch.

Water Sports

The waters around our resort are more than just beautiful: they’re a natural playground! There are a number of local water sports rental and tour providers nearby that cater to the needs of tourists. Check out this list for some of the best. And if you have any questions or would like to book your water sports rentals through Stonefield, please contact us at

St. Lucia Dolphin and Whale-Watching

The most popular spots for St Lucia Dolphin and Whale watching are a few miles off Soufriere. Join us on our sightings off of the famous Piton Mountains (world heritage site) and near the village of Canaries.

Whales and Dolphins spend most of their lives under water; therefore, we cannot guarantee sightings on every tour.

Inclusive of drinks and sandwiches.

Minimum 2 persons


Castries is the capital and largest city in St. Lucia. Unlike the more earthy and serene atmosphere of Soufriere, it’s a place where can shop for luxury goods, take in concerts and sporting events and dine at chain restaurants. It’s a great place to visit on a day trip, like our water taxi to Castries excursion.

Local Food

St. Lucia has a long and storied culinary tradition, and here in the Soufriere area, this tradition is alive and well. You’ll find dozens of incredible restaurants just a short drive from our resort, including our very own Mango Tree Restaurant. Check out this list of some of the top local dining spots, or feel free to contact our concierge for local dining suggestions.

Wonders of St Lucia

Rated as the number 1 tourist attraction site in St. Lucia, on TripAdvisor, the Tet Paul Nature Trail boasts the best views of the famous Gros and Petit Piton. The moderate trail lasts half an hour and also has great view of neighboring Martinique and St.Vincent. Life has its rewards and this one definitely one of them!

Afterwards, one visits the Morne Coubaril Estate where history comes alive as plantation workers demonstrate the lifestyle of the island’s first settlers. You see, learn and sample how crops such as; coconut is processed into copra and cocoa beans into chocolate sticks.

The tour continues to Marathana Gardens and Prayer Sanctuary; a secluded and tranquil mini garden a few minutes north of Soufriere town.

Minimum 4 persons

Soufriere Safari

Explore the entire Soufriere basin, and its environs including Fond St. Jaques, the historic village of Choiseul and Victoria.

Have lunch at a lovely little restaurant situated on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea with an amazing view of the Gros Piton from the South side: A perspective seen by very few visitors.

After lunch, head up to Tete Paul Nature Trail to “touch the piton” at one of the most spectacular view points in Soufriere.

A short drive back down to the world-famous drive in volcano, where you can dip in the mineral mud baths; then wind through the roads to the beautiful Toraille Waterfall for an exhilarating swim. Once you have dried off its back to the buggy base before returning to your resort.

Pigeon Island National Park

Located at the Northern tip of St. Lucia in the Gros Islet region, picturesque Pigeon Island is a national landmark home to long-abandoned barracks, batteries and garrisons from centuries past. It’s a great place to get a taste of St. Lucia’s colourful colonial history.


When you visit this part of St. Lucia, you can’t help but feel one with nature. It’s the perfect setting for yoga, which is an important part of the Stonefield Resort experience. Join our certified instructors for a private yoga session in our beautiful 912 sq. ft. studio.

Sulphur Springs and Diamond Falls

Truly the “Soufriere Experience”: two of the island’s natural attractions. Begin the day with a visit to the world’s only drive-in volcano. On arrival, you will be given a guided tour of bubbling pools of lava and craters, suggestive of a prehistoric world long forgotten, then continue onto the fragrant tropical botanical garden and enjoy a scenic walk to the diamond waterfalls and mineral baths.

N.B. Use of mineral baths pay EC$10.00-15.00 per person and is not included in the cost of this tour. The cost of hiring a Guide is also not included or necessary.

Bird-Watching in St. Lucia

This tour has an early start as the birds are best seen early in the morning. The walk to through the rainforest is about one hour and a half long as we enjoy the lively atmosphere of birds.

Please wear comfortable shoes, preferably hiking shoes or sneakers. Tour price is inclusive of Transportation, Light breakfast, all fees and the guide.

Minimum 4 persons

N.B. This tour is NOT RECOMMENDED for persons with knee problems, heart and respiratory problems, or if you are pregnant, under eight years of age, or have any medical concerns. Please wear comfortable footwear and insect repellant as a precaution.

Mineral Baths

Relax and rejuvenate in natural mineral baths located just a short drive from Stonefield Resort. Considered a natural remedy from rheumatism, sore joints and muscle aches, Diamond Falls and New Jerusalem mineral baths offer an invigorating way to feel at one with the St. Lucian rainforest and feature onsite amenities to ensure your comfort

Soufriere Waterfall Experience

An exhilarating experience of a natural outdoor bath and gardens at The Piton Waterfall. A cooling experience on a balmy day!